Rank Tracker Monitor Unlimited Keywords position in Google, Yahoo, & Bing!

  • It check positions for your site globally in Google SERPs or locally in any of the tool's 400+ search engines, scan top 50 or top 1,000 search results!
  • It run the check once a week or 3 times a day, monitor Universal and Map listings, and track keyword ranks of your competitors!
  • It come with unlimited keyword position checker — including websites, search engines, and keywords to track.
  • No strings attached, no credit card required. Download a free copy and take this keyword position checker for an unlimited test drive.

"Rank Trackera world class powerful tool for rank monitoring and keyword research for Ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and use it absolutely for FREE — with no time limitations and no credit card required!"

Over 2 million users grew their business with Rank Tracker

Benefits of Rank Tracker:

  • Check website rankings in any of the 566 supported search engines;

  • Monitor unlimited websites and keywords without any extra costs for the amount of data you get;

  • Analyze competitors' rankings and compare them to yours (or set side by side any 2 websites in the same keyword niche);

  • Find the most profitable keywords for your SEO campaign using any of Rank Tracker's powerful keyword research tools;

  • Track historical rankings to see how your site's performance is changing over time;

  • Build professional rankings reports to impress your clients or report the progress to your boss and colleagues!

"Rank Tracker - Check your search engine rankings with a click of a button!"

No more spending hours on manually checking your site's positions in search engines.

Just sit back and let Rank Tracker do the boring job for you

"Monitors your competitors' rankings and compares them to yours using Rank Tracker!"

You can add up to 5 extra websites to your Rank Tracker project (10 for Enterprise Edition) and quickly check and compare rankings for them. This way you can keep a close eye on your competitors' rankings or set side by side several websites you optimize for the same keywords.

Rank Tracker shows the competitors rankings in clear tables, on visual graphs or in a special Competition Rankings Report. The tool keeps the competitors' ranking history for you to access it at any moment

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